Review Policy

I am happy to review all kinds of books. Please note that I do not work under a time restriction when I review. I current work full-time and am in search of a teaching position. I do not have as much time as I would like to read.

Genre’s I’ll Read
Young Adult
Urban Fantasy
Fantasy/Science Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Graphic Novels
Currently all books that I am reading are purchased books or from contests. I am currently not accepting books from publishers at this time. I will post when I am open for those submissions.
I am also open for recommendations from others. Consult my reviews to see if I would be interested in this book based on other books I have read. I am open to any recommendation pertaining to the dystopian genre (ex. The Hunger Games trilogy or Battle Royale)

Genres that are not accepted
I will not read Erotica, Non-fiction, self-published books, or Memoirs/Biographies.

My review policy is one of honesty, meaning I do not guarantee a positive review. I will treat each book I review with respect. I will always try to finish reading a book for review, but if I cannot I will post a review saying why I did not finish.

Each review that I post will include the cover art, the synopsis of the book from either the author's site or Goodreads (sometimes I might write my own as well), my opinions on the piece, and the book’s stats.